Embracing JOMO as a student

Embracing JOMO as a student

Hi lovelies

I read this article a few days ago and I realized that as a student in college, I really need to embrace this philosophy  each and everyday as student. This day and age as students, there’s this overwhelming need to make college this crazy legendary experience, either  through internships and planning your future , or meeting your future spouse and having the perfect family, white picket fence and 2.0 kids. With everything that I’ve been experiencing this few weeks at university I have never been in a position that inspires so much pressure to succeed. These days I’ve been trying to survive and do each and everything but i know there are sometimes, and areas that I can’t  handle everything and sometimes i can’t make everything that i set out to complete, usually social events, and with the power of social media I’m more aware of each thing that i can’t make, and I’ve been stressed out about these things but when I saw this article, I realized that missing out isn’ t a bad thing and tbh the article gave me some great ideas that i could definitely use for fodder as fashion events for a BROKE college student. But read the article for yourself and let me know what you guys think




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